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Tomas Costanza 


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Tomas Costanza is a certified-platinum record producer/songwriter and owner of the Killingsworth Recording Company. Costanza has co-written and produced twelve Billboard #1 albums, composed music for multiple TV shows and licensed over 1000 song placements.

Synch credits include brands such as Apple, Galaxy, Ford, Google, Amazon, Target, TJ Maxx, Zillow and Tropicana as well as promos for NBC, ABC, CBS, HBO, Showtime, Netflix, AGT, Marvel, WWE  and Call of Duty.

Scoring credits include networks such as CBS, Comedy Central, Disney, Viceland, and Discovery as well as TV shows such as Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin, Huangʼs World, Hood Adjacent with James Davis, The Henry Ford Innovation Nation, Lucky Dog and Hidden Heroes.

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